8 oz Organic Rainforest Alliance Colombian Coffee - 500 mg CBD


Colombian Light Roast

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  • This mellow coffee from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region of Colombia is a true light roast with slightly acidic tones and a smooth finish. We love this coffee for it's super light, easy drinking qualities. If you prefer a stronger cup of Colombian, try adding an additional tablespoon when brewing. 

    The beans are grown at an altitude of 2900-4300 ft. overlooking the Caribbean Sea where the rainforest conditions and the slowly rising elevations are perfect for organic coffee harvesting. The smallholding coffee harvesters work towards maintaining the bio-diversity and sanctity of the environment by using organic farming methods to bring this blend all the way from Colombia to you. 

    *Rainforest Alliance certification assures that the farms are implementing sustainable techniques to secure better futures. 




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