Kickstart your day with clean,

steady energy.


Sharp mind. Relaxed Body. No jitters.

Real Ingredients With Real Benefits.

“I had my first Ethiopian infused ‘experience’ this morning. Absolutely amazing! The soothing effect of the CBD and the ‘pick me up’ from a great cup of coffee are a fantastic combination!”

Rod M.

We set out to be different.

That’s why our Fair Trade Organic coffee contains more CBD than any other infused coffee on the market. We wanted to create a product that had real benefits at a price point that anyone could afford.


Specialty roasted and professionally infused.


You won’t just taste the difference, you’ll feel it too.




We know everything about our products. You should too. 

Hand Crafted

Specialty roasted and professionally infused; we're reinventing craft coffee.

Hand Picked

We sampled hundreds of coffees from all over the world to bring the best to you.




We stand by the quality and effectiveness of each and every one of our products.

A modern take on a classic design.

Discover the sustainable way to make a better cup of coffee.




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